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What Our Customers Saying
  • “I have 4 ankle ligament tears that I have been dealing with for months now. I have been in a walking boot for majority of that time still with continuous pain. With the treatments my pain has been reduced significantly.”

    Karen M.

  • “I had severe pain in the arch of my foot I felt improvement with the 3rd treatment.”

    Russell M.

  • “Suffering with pain in my Lis Franc joint I wanted to avoid surgery and decided to give the treatments a try. I noticed moderate improvement immediately, unfortunately I live in the Heights and could not attend more treatments.”

    David S.

  • “There is improvement, recovery is just a slow due to some other issues I am having. The laser has made a huge difference in my swelling.”

    Stella K.

  • “Being in my 18-wheeler for sometimes more than 8 hours, I go to get out of the truck I feel pain and tightness in my ankle. I don’t like taking medicine and I am always working so MLS was very convenient for me. It was quick and painless, and I was able to go to work the same day.”

    John M.

  • “I injured my back on several different occasions, I am not in a good enough situation to have surgery. I have tried MLS therapy in the past with great results. I no longer experience back spasms and I can lay in bed in more than one position.”

    Michael G.

  • “I have tried a surgical boot, medications, and stretching not getting the results I was looking for but now I am feeling much better.”

    Shannon M.