Reversing Knee Damage Caused By Prolonged Sitting

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It’s no secret that Americans spend more time sitting than they’ve ever done in the past.
The average office worker in the US spends a shocking 15 hours a day sitting down (including leisure time)!
Time and again, medical experts have sounded the alarm on the dangers of prolonged sitting and the long-term damage it can do to our bodies.
Excessive sitting strains our back, shoulders, neck, and knees. And while people turn to massage therapy and chiropractic care for shoulder, neck and back pain, they often overlook their knee health until it’s too late.
Soccer players may trip on the field, injuring their ankles due to too much exertion, and continuous exertion of the elbows makes tennis players prone to tennis elbow.
But you don’t have to be playing a sport to hurt your knee—sitting down for long hours is enough.
Why Prolonged Sitting is Awful For Your Knees
There’s nothing wrong with sitting down for a few hours and getting some rest, but staying put for hours without standing up and walking has many deleterious outcomes.
Excessive sitting damages your knees in the following ways:
Irritate kneecap cartilage: Keeping your knees bent for hours while sitting on a solid surface aggravates the kneecap cartilage.
Stresses your ankles: When you sit, your ankles have to carry the weight of your legs; whether you keep them pointed out in front of you, or bend your legs inwards, sitting takes a toll on your ankles.
Reduces blood circulation: Sitting down for excessive hours compresses the lower half of your legs and restricts blood circulation. As a result, your legs don’t get enough oxygen to function optimally.
Exacerbates joint problems: People with existing ankles and knee injuries experience worsened pain when they sit down for long hours.
Other serious health issues: Knee pain can lead to health conditions such as Patellofemoral syndrome, osteoarthritis, Quadriceps tendonitis, Patellar tendonitis, and knee bursitis.
So what can people do to reverse knee damage caused by prolonged sitting?
Prevent Knee Damage
There isn’t much you can do to the damage you’ve already done, but there are ways to strengthen your knees and prevent the problem from worsening.
1. Exercises like seated knee extensions and isometric hip abductions can help you regain control over your knees and reduce some of the built up tension in your joints.
2. Here’s the thing, prolonged sitting damages your knees, so you can stop the damage by taking breaks. Stand up and walk around every 50 minutes to de-stress your knees.
3. If the pain becomes too difficult to handle, it’s time to seek professional help. Working with a chiropractor can help treat the symptoms and prevent further damage to your knees.

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