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Knee Pain KatyWhat is Knee Pain?

Have you been suffering from some kind of knee pain?

What are some of the ways that you can tell the difference if knee pain is going to be short-lived, or if it is going to be chronic and needs to be attended to by a medical professional?

The most common causes of knee pain are nerve damage, trauma to the knee, and wear and tear of the knee joint over time. Wear and tear can be caused by normal everyday activities such as walking and standing, or can be the result of deterioration from athletic activities.

Knee pain can also be caused by other factors that may include

  • Trauma
  • Infections of the knee joint
  • Accidental injury to the knee

These events may cause chronic short-term pain, but can also lead to chronic or long-term knee pain if not addressed. Sometimes, the exact cause of knee pain can be difficult to determine, and may be the result of another condition or disorder that could affect this joint.

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Knee Pain Katy