Is Working From Home Causing Back Pain? Here’s How to Prevent It

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Working from home has peculiar challenges; while some have to deal with numerous distractions, others may feel low with decreased human engagement. Depending on your home’s environment, you may have to handle varying conditions. The change in your daily routine may also bring some very unpleasant experiences such as body aches and pains that you never noticed at the office.
If you’re one of those who have set up their workstations at home and are bothered by severe back pain, here’s how you can prevent it:
Keep a straight neck while working on your computer
If you’ve made a habit of working from your couch, your computer may rarely be on your eye level. Putting the screen at a comfortable viewing height can reduce the strain on your neck, contributing to your increasing back pain. Use a pile of books or a card box to raise your screen’s level. This way, you won’t have to twist and turn your neck uncomfortably.
Find a comfortable seat
It’s understandable if you don’t have an office chair at home and if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a new one, grab a chair from the dining table and put some cushions near the lower back for lumbar support. You can also change chairs often to see which one suits you the most. Make sure that your feet are fully supported to prevent lower back pain. You can also use a footrest or a card box for additional comfort.
Take stretch breaks
Sitting in one position for extended hours can increase the pressure on your muscles. Leaving your chair to take a quick walk around the house and stretching your back can provide the much-needed respite to your muscles. A change of scenery can also be beneficial for your mental and physical health. Change your workstations often and take frequent stretch breaks to prevent back the ache associated with prolonged sitting hours.
Visit a pain recovery center
Professional physical therapy can go a long way in providing enhanced comfort to your muscles. Pain specialists devise customized treatment and prevention plans according to your needs. If your back pain leads to discomfort, and hinders your daily activities, reach out to a trusted pain specialist today.
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