How A Chiropractor Can Help With Bad Posture

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We all went through our childhood hearing the words “stand up straight!” from our parents, teachers, coaches, etc.
When we’re younger, we don’t understand the harm bad posture can do, but as we get older, it becomes clear. Having a hunched back causes pain in the neck, shoulders, and back. It also impacts our mental health and confidence.
Unfortunately, by the time you realize you have bad posture, it becomes difficult to fix it—that’s when it’s time to book an appointment with a chiropractor near you!
Good Posture, aka Neutral Spine
Having good posture prevents spinal injuries and back pain. Not only will you see your health improve, but you’ll also have better confidence and be in better spirits.
Good posture has also been shown to slow down the signs of aging and enhance organ health. Other than boosting your health, having good posture improves others’ perceptions of you.
Working with a chiropractor can correct your posture, so you live a healthier life.
Here’s how a chiropractor can help fix bad posture:
1. Chiropractic Adjustments
Whenever we think of chiropractic adjustments, “popping” noises come to mind. The noises may sound disturbing, but chiropractic adjustments aren’t painful. Yes, your chiropractor will put you in awkward positions, but they’ll make it a point to be gentle.
Posture correction begins by making adjustments to patients’ shoulders, followed by gradual joint movements that help with joint mobility, relieve tension, and allow you to correct your posture with minimal discomfort.
2. Work With Muscle Tissue
Chiropractors do more than just align the spine; they work with muscle tissue. Muscles get weak and inflamed when they are injured and underused. When a muscle is injured, the surrounding muscles also get impacted.
Chiropractors relieve muscle tension and use corrective exercises to strengthen them; the gradual exercises and rehabilitation allow people to sit and stand more comfortably with correct posture.
3. Stretching And Rehabilitation
The last part of posture correction involves reducing muscle tension that prevents you from sitting.
The chiropractor will use various stretches, exercises and muscle relaxation techniques to prevent overactive muscles from stressing. The purpose of these exercises is to strengthen weak muscles, so you can support your weight without straining your back.
If you had a bad posture for most of your life, correcting it on your own can be a challenge. A chiropractor can help make change your posture over time, so sitting and standing upright becomes more natural.
Arista Wellness Center in Katy helps patients with bad posture. Our chiropractor works with patients and corrects their posture over a few sessions.
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