Go Easy on the Knees: How to Resolve Knee Pain

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Knee pain is caused by injuries, repeated stress, aging, or underlying diseases like arthritis. A checkup with your doctor is a must, but there are several ways you can resolve mild knee pain at home.

1.     R.I.C.E

Remember RICE for times when you sprain your ankle or take a fall. RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. If you injure your knee, sit down and apply light pressure with a bag of ice to your knee. After that, wrap up your knee with a compression band and keep your foot elevated while resting.

2.     Exercise

This may seem counterintuitive but exercising daily helps to strengthen your muscles. This is best for those with Osteoarthritis or any form of knee pain. Try low-impact activities such as walking, tai chi, cycling, or swimming.

Don’t exercise if you’re suffering from a sprain or severe knee pain.

3.     Watch Your Weight

Being overweight adds extra pressure on your knees. A weight gain of 10 pounds leads to increased pressure of about 50 pounds to a joint. The study also found that being obese led to a greater chance of developing Osteoarthritis. Set a target weight for yourself and reach your ideal weight.

4.     Using Heat & Cold Therapy

For pain relief, a heating pad can be used, while for inflammation, cold treatment is beneficial. Ointments that contain capsaicin are also used for pain relief.

5.     Herbal Treatment

Certain herbal ointments work well for pain relief. An ointment made up of sesame oil, cinnamon, ginger, and mastic is as effective as arthritis creams. Although there is no evidence to prove if herbal therapy works, some people do find them helpful.

6.     Yoga or Tai Chi

Tai Chi, similar to yoga, is a mind-body exercise. It improves balance and flexibility and is very beneficial for people with Osteoarthritis. It reduces pain and relaxes your body with its deep breathing exercises. It also alleviates stress and makes it easier to manage chronic pain.

7.     Use of Willow bark

Although there is no real evidence that willow bark works, it does help relieve joint pain and inflammation. Don’t use it if you have diabetes, take blood thinners, allergic to aspirin, or under 18.

8.     Ginger Extract

Very easily available, ginger is said to reduce knee pain when used with medicine for arthritis. You can use ginger supplements, drink ginger tea, or use it as a spice in your food.


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