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Frequently asked questions

Does the MLS laser hurt?

No, the laser is completely pain free you won’t feel anything at all.

Why doesn’t my insurance cover the MLS laser?

Although the MLS laser is FDA approved with an 80-90% success rate, it is not a medically necessity.

How much does the treatments cost? 

10 treatments cost $489 per treatment area.

Are there any reasons I cannot have the laser?

Individuals with pacemakers, systematic diseases (i.e. cancer), pregnant women, individuals with a history of seizures, and thyroid issues are conditions that cannot be treated with laser.

Can I remain active while doing the laser?

You can remain active but will need to refrain from high impact activities on the treatment area while undergoing laser treatments. Although the laser allows you to get on with your life your body is still undergoing a healing process. 

How soon will I notice a difference?

You can expect to feel a difference around your 3rd treatment session depending on how severe your condition is as well as your compliance with the treatments.

What if I need more than one body part treated?

There will be an additional charge for multiple areas of the body.

Will the laser cure my condition?

No, the laser will not cure any ailment. It will greatly reduce inflammation, pain, and accelerate the bodies healing ability. The laser is intended for pain management as well as accelerate healing.

How deep does the laser penetrate the body?

The laser can penetrate 3-5 centimeters depending on the treatment area and the thickness of skin.

How many treatments will I need to see results?

Although 6 treatments are recommended for acute conditions and 10 sessions for individuals with chronic pain. It is recommended that all patients start off with 10 sessions to get the full effect of the laser. As part of a wellness or maintenance plan 12 sessions are recommended.

What can I expect after treatment? 

Approximately 75% of our patients have felt an improvement after the 1-3 treatment session. Patients with acute conditions can notice immediate improvements, whereas patients with chronic conditions can have their condition managed and controlled with our wellness package.

I am interested, what’s next?

Before your first session you will need a doctor’s prescription properly diagnosing you. If you do not have a prescription one of our doctor’s will be more than happy to evaluate you. After that give, us a call to schedule your life changing appointment!