Do I Need a Chiropractor Or a Massage?

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Because of the amount of time people spend sitting down, neck, shoulder, and back pain have become incredibly common; this is especially true for lower back pain.
Research shows that the average American spends around 6.5 hours a day sitting down, and teenagers spend around 8 hours a day sitting. So, it’s no wonder that so many of us struggle with muscle pain and spasms.
In an already overmedicated society, chiropractor care offers a safe and drug-free solution for muscle pain. Although massage therapists can also help with pain management, chiropractic care addresses specific muscle-related issues, and has a lasting impact.
So how do you decide whether you need a chiropractor or a massage therapist?
Let’s take a look:
Massage Therapy for Muscle Tension
Massage therapy eases muscle tension and encourages blood circulation around the body. It is primarily used to promote feelings of relaxation by healing strained and pulled muscles, and spasms.
Massage therapy also reduces inflammation and generates energy by releasing knots in your muscles.
Chiropractic Care for Everything Else
Massage therapists aren’t trained to fix hard tissue problems, joints, and spinal problems. Chiropractors have the medical background and the training to perform therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises that are used to treat all kinds of health problems, such as tendonitis, muscle tension, ear infections, headaches, and even insomnia!
A chiropractor will carry out a complete evaluation to identify problems the client is struggling with and the muscles and joints that need treatment.
Perhaps the most important part of a chiropractor’s job is spinal manipulation or adjustment, which are used to treat joint pain, nerve issues, neck and spine injuries.
What is Right for You?
When it comes to treating backaches, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Massage therapy is best for short-term pain that results from a sedentary lifestyle or injury.
If the back pain remains even after massage therapy, then you need chiropractic care. Massage therapy is great for short-term pain, but if it lasts longer than a week, you need a chiropractor to treat the deeper muscles that can’t be accessed through massage therapy.
Sometimes, a chiropractor may recommend massage therapy alongside their treatment to speed up recovery and maximize the benefits of their sessions.
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