Different Types of Back Pain

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Back pain can range from being a huge inconvenience to actually being a pretty big medical problem. The different types of back pain can come from different causes, but all of them lead to reduced movement, pain in joints and muscles, and general discomfort in our daily lives.

Proper back pain management can be quite necessary if you regularly suffer from back pain. Regardless of the symptoms being chronic or acute, repeated back pain could easily turn into a bigger problem. Different types of back pain can be signals for different things.

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Upper Back Pain

Pain in the upper back, or thoracic spine, refers to pain felt in the region your spine is connected to your ribs. Back pain felt here is often the result of an underlying issue. The reoccurrence of pain here will likely require some medical attention and can benefit from chiropractic treatment alongside more traditional medical procedures.

This sort of back pain can come through spasms, injuries to your ligaments, joints, or muscles, or damage done to the discs in your back. These can also come through bad posture or misuse of muscles, which can cause tissue damage.

Lower Back

The lower back, or the lumbar spine, often has less to do with other illnesses or underlying conditions but can become a recurring problem a lot easier. With its causes primarily lying in the incorrect exertion of muscles, lower back pain mostly comes from the strain put on your back. This form of back pain can come through bad posture or recurrent strain through incorrect lifting and often becomes a bigger problem down the line. This form of back pain, if caught in time, can be easy to mitigate through chiropractic exercises and treatment.

Back Pain Treatments

For recurring back pain over a few weeks, chronic pain management techniques used by chiropractors can be the answer for you. Depending on the area the pain is in and whether its causes are the muscles or the bones, your treatment may vary. However, the main focus for both these areas will continue to be joint mobilization and spinal manipulation techniques to reduce the actual pain felt and to bring movement back to the limbs. Your chiropractor may also employ posture correction techniques to prevent relapses of pain.

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