Chronic Pain and Insomnia: Causes, Effects, Treatment

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Chronic back pain is one of the most common medical conditions which cause disability in people below 45 years of age. Over 40% of these patients report sleeping difficulties. Moreover, about 50 to 80% of patients suffering from chronic pain complain of insomnia and sleeping disorders.
Here’s a discussion about chronic pain and insomnia, including its causes, effects and treatment.
Causes of Chronic Pain and Insomnia
Studies have shown that disrupted sleep can increase chronic back pain. The lack of sleep causes the body’s immune system to weaken and negatively affect cognitive functions. Impaired mental well-being results in further loss of sleep and development of acute pain. This leads to a vicious cycle where insomnia causes chronic pain, and chronic pain makes it difficult to sleep.
Apart from trouble falling asleep, people with chronic pain also have disruptions during the night, such as waking up frequently or waking up earlier than required. Uninterrupted sleep causes people to feel tired when they wake up in the morning, a medical condition known as non-restorative sleep.
Effects of Insomnia and Chronic Pain
A non-restorative sleep pattern can decrease sleep quality and cause reduced energy, low mood, depression, fatigue, and further pain during the day.
Another common medical problem associated with lack of sleep is sleep apnea. It’s a serious medical condition in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts, restricting the individual’s airflow multiple times during the night. In addition to abrupt awakenings, sleep apnea results in fragmented sleep and fatigue during the day.
People who have chronic pain might also suffer from restless leg syndrome, an uncontrollable urge to continually move the legs to stop feeling uncomfortable sensations. These sensations can cause chronic pain in the legs and disrupt sleep.
Treatment for Insomnia and Chronic Pain
For effective management and treatment of chronic pain, the best solution is consulting pain specialists who can advise a proper treatment for pain relief.
MLS laser therapy is becoming a popular remedy for pain relief due to its non-invasive and painless approach. Patients who fear needles or surgery can benefit from MLS laser therapy to manage their pain.
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