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Not only is the knee joint the largest joint in the human body, but it’s also one that we use very frequently. However, even simple acts of bending your knees or walking straight can become painful if your knee health isn’t in the best form.
Here’s how you can avoid knee pain and ailments.
Maintain a Healthy Weight
We know what you’re thinking: what does your weight have to do with your knees? As it turns out, quite a lot.
According to one study, people with a healthy BMI are less likely to develop knee osteoarthritis as opposed to those who’re obese or overweight. This is because the additional weight you carry tends to exert pressure on your knee joint, causing inflammation and chronic pain. It can lead to the deterioration of the knee cartilage.
Think of it this way: if you were to walk around with a heavy backpack every day, your shoulders and back would ache, right? Your body weight affects the knee joint in a similar way. This is why care must be taken to maintain optimal weight as per your body’s requirements, especially if you’ve previously sustained knee injuries.
Do Stretching Exercises
Stretches are important, even if you don’t like exercising. If you’re someone who absolutely loathes going to the gym or sticking to a workout regime, at least make it a habit to do a few simple knee stretching exercises every day so that you can alleviate the pressure built up at the knee joint.
You don’t have to go for a run or ride a bicycle if you don’t want to (though we do recommend these activities). Instead, you can do a few quick stretches during the day to promote flexibility and strength of the muscles in your knees. This will prevent you from sustaining injuries and also keep the muscles from getting sore.
Start small. Dedicate 10–15 mins every day to walk a short distance at a leisurely pace, or to do yoga exercises. Once you get in the habit of stretching your knees, you can add to your routine.
Perfect Your Posture
A poor posture can also deteriorate your knee health. If you slouch when seated or walk with your shoulders hunched, your body’s center of gravity shifts. This exerts additional pressure on your knees, and can lead to muscle strain.
Fix your posture to improve your knee health. Yoga, Pilates, and other core-strengthening exercises can help you with this.
Our pain specialists at Arista Wellness Center can help you keep your knee health in check and relieve any joint pain you may be experiencing. We can also assist you with other aspects of chronic pain management and treatment.
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